Announcement: We Have a New Contributor!

Whether you have been a reader since the very beginning or only, just now, come across this site, I want to thank you for finding your way here. There are so many outlets for you to get opinions on film and/or sports, so I greatly appreciate your time.

When I first founded this site, I felt very privileged to have 372 visitors come by and read my efforts, my thoughts…my work. Five years down the line, that number grew to 3,752 in 2021 and I’m on pace to exceed that again this year. That number is incredibly humbling, a little daunting, and also very encouraging and motivating.

I have managed to publish 638 articles over the course of those five years but, with that in mind, I have been doing this alone all this time. However, I have also connected with great people who share my enthusiasm for a broad-spectrum film experience and it is my distinguished pleasure to welcome one of those people, Mr. Donald Langley, as a contributor to The Sheist.

He is the host of the You, Me, and A Movie podcast where he gets to know his guests over a film of their choosing. I was honored to be a guest on his show where I introduced him to Steven Spielberg’s “Duel” from 1971 and we had a great conversation for a couple of hours. Before that, he and I had connected on Twitter where we first broke the ice by discussing our mutual admiration of Michael Shannon in the comments of someone else’s original post. I was recruiting for my “Sheist International Film Club” Twitter project at the time, saw he had a film podcast, and knew he’d be a good fit. He graciously accepted the invite and, if our film club had titles, he would likely be its Vice President. His enthusiasm also led to him championing and spearheading the Steven Spielberg draft and tournament as a club activity.

You can find all of Donald’s stuff through his link tree, here

One of the main reasons I reached out to Donald and asked if he’d be interested in signing on as a contributor is that his taste in film is different than mine. His unique perspective and opinions are shaped by his life experience. Of course, there is some overlap because we do have things in common but I appreciate that his preferences cover some bases that mine do not and vice versa. We can have a bigger more robust coverage area that way and ultimately that’s better for you, the reader.

So, I hope that you have faith in me when I say you’re in good hands. Please join me in welcoming Donald into the fray and keep an eye out for his work as we carve out a section for him. Thank you!

Thanks for reading! I still believe word of mouth is the best way to help, so if you enjoy what I’m doing, please tell somebody. And if you have a comment, I’d love to hear it! Liking, subscribing, and sharing go a long way too. As usual, be well, be safe, and have fun no matter how you get your movies!